Inventory Management Software Reviews: Finding the Inventory Control System That’s Right for You

If you own or manage technology infrastructures for a small or mid-range business with a strong reliance on inventory control, now may be an excellent time to research inventory management software reviews and consider the adoption of an integrated software solution.

Inventory management software reviews can help you sift your way through a large and growing list of back office management options, and a broad range of unbiased inventory management software reviews and other data can help you navigate the increasingly complex world of integrated business solutions. But how can you determine exactly what you’re looking for in an inventory control product suite or support package? And how can you make the best use of inventory management software reviews and use them to make your search as efficient and cost effective as possible?

First, before you even begin your research of inventory management software reviews from reliable sources, you’ll want to take a few preliminary steps to lay the groundwork for a successful search. Begin by conducting a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation of your current inventory control system. Expose your current workflows in order to determine exactly how your staff handles inventory control tasks like bi-directional lot tracking, product rotation, receiving, recall management and other functions unique to your industry. Gather reports from your employees to identify the capabilities of your existing software and the strengths and weaknesses in your current system. What forms of support does it offer and what elements are missing? When you’ve gathered this data, you can move onto the next step toward your research of inventory management software reviews. Use your evaluation to create a detailed needs assessment that will clearly document all of your expectations and requirements in a new inventory control system. Your needs assessment can act as a checklist and can guide your steps as you sift through inventory management software reviews, view online product demonstrations and arrange meetings with integrated software providers, consultants and resellers.

As you research inventory management software reviews, your search may be informed by a broader understanding of the changes currently taking place across the enterprise resource planning market landscape. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, the very first enterprise resource planning systems were implemented in the manufacturing sector. These early systems revolutionized productivity and efficiency among the large firms that could afford them, since they successfully draw a diverse variety of isolated back office management functions together onto a single streamlined software platform. But these early systems were very expensive both in terms of upfront costs and ongoing maintenance needs, so they were cost effective only for the largest firms with the highest technology budgets and highest tolerance for risk. Smaller firms would not be able to access the benefits of system integration until a few years after the new millennium, when the high end market demand for ERP systems began to cool. At that point, developers and providers began an ongoing effort to scale and customize their product and service offerings to appeal to clients with more restrictive budgets and greater flexibility requirements.